Satori: All The Risks I Will Take


It’s a word with Buddhist origins that attempts to explain a moment of sudden awakening. You’ve probably had a satori. A rush of insight. When all the little pieces in your head rearrange themselves into a picture that you never realised was there.

I had a moment like this one warm, sunny afternoon while I was walking to the supermarket. One moment I was counting dirt on the pavement, the next minute I understood things.

A piece of Psalm 23.

Your rod and your staff comfort me Lord, and you lead me on paths of righteousness for the sake of your name. But even when those paths take me through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be afraid.

His rod and staff comfort me. I find peace and rest in prayer and wisdom in the little lessons I learn. He leads me on paths of righteousness because I am now a bearer of His Spirit and of His name. But a righteous path isn’t always pretty, and sometimes it winds through dark places that I have to steel myself to walk through.

Perfection is a myth.

Yes, I know. But I’m a perfectionist. I have high standards and I don’t like it if it doesn’t look good enough to me. I shrink from opportunities if I’m afraid they will embarrass me. I am scared of reaching high and falling flat on face. I have Moments that make me cringe and decisions that I regret.

But this is where my satori came.

Psalm 23 attached itself to Romans 12 like they were two puzzle pieces.

Everything works together for the good of believers – people who have been called to play a part in God’s plan.

Satori. Even my failures are good for me…

I had a moment of indescribable peace.

I have walked through valleys of darkness and death. I have made mistakes. My life and my walk haven’t been all good, but everything has been for the sake of the name of God and everything (ahead of me and behind me) has been good for me.

Moving forward? I want to make every decision with courage and wisdom. Knowing that whatever the experience, whatever the outcome, every moment that comes my way will be for my own good.

Satori. Even valleys of shadow and death are good for me.

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