“What you don’t know won’t kill you.”

I’m wrong.

What you don’t know may kill you. Ignorance is dangerous. But in a different sense: what you don’t know, what you’re not familiar with, the things that are new to you; they are not (always) a threat to you.

I’ve realized that I and most people have a natural urge to reject or be hostile to things that are not familiar. I don’t know if it’s me and the people around me growing old and closing ranks because we’re growing old, but there’s an automatic kick in me when when I meet someone new or when I’m in an unfamiliar place that makes me guarded and wary. …Of what?

I’ve wondered absentmindedly about it for a few weeks now. What is it about new places and people that makes me guarded? The fear of getting hurt? Of embarrassing myself? Of revealing too much? What is it really that feeds the fear of the unknown? I wish I was still that 13 year old that used to do tightrope walks on spiked fences for fun and look for the highest sand hills to run down from just to see if the speed would make me fall. I miss the time before all of the calculating. When risk was a reason to do something instead of a reason to not.

6 Responses to ““What you don’t know won’t kill you.””

  • When risk was a reason to do something instead of a reason to not. Golden.

  • Too many realities of too many broken trusts and being plundered then discarded….leaves the sense that anything may kill you.

  • It’s been the way of life for most of my life.
    It is so deeply set in, that not only I don’t really trust people, neither can I find the necessary willingness to really trust God. I know I need to trust Him. Tired of living like this, but seems I’m trapped in chronic distrust unable to find an exit.

    • Place a target on that sense of feeling trapped. It’s incredibly difficult to get past walls like that, I know. I feel for you, and I wish I had advice that would work like a key but pain and struggle can be so personal. You’re on my mind and in my prayers. Just don’t forget you’re on a journey. There’s a place ahead of where you are right now.

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