Satori: All The Risks I Will Take


It’s a word with Buddhist origins that attempts to explain a moment of sudden awakening. You’ve probably had a satori. A rush of insight. When all the little pieces in your head rearrange themselves into a picture that you never realised was there.

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Give Yourself Room To Grow

You are lost in a heap of opinions, stories, pictures, gadgets, technology, change, responsibilities. In the middle of this social clutter: there is you.

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Five Good Thriller Books About Spies and Secret Intelligence

Some of the thickest plots are about secret intelligence. Government agencies, espionage, army missions, armed weapons, terrorism, assassination, technology… Books like that are filled with thrills, chills and more than a few blood-spills. The blood-spills they can keep, the juicy plot is my weakness.

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How To Stop Caring What People Think

I feel like there’s so much pressuureeee these days. To be heard of, to be successful, to be admired, to look good, to have a tall dark and handsome man (or a tall, fine and toffee one, for that matter), to have the best gadgets, the cutest apartment, the sharpest photos, the so-chic clothes… And I’m tired. Like really. Even when I’m not keeping up it feels like I have to be keeping up. Where’s the time for the building? Where’s the time to get dirty? The time for the ugliness of a thing in progress? The time for that time before the beauty?

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

A reminder goes off on my phone at 11:45pm everyday. It tells me:

Go to bed by 12:00 AM to get a full 5 hours of sleep

Whenever this notification pops up, I get a nasty jolt of anxiety. The rush of fear is like a shot to my brain. I know it’s time to start packing up whatever I’m doing, and for one electric second, I panic. Because I don’t want to. 

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